Triple Ninja Spike Bracelet

Posted: April 06, 2015
Triple Throwing Spike Bracelet
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A dude wearing jewelry. It's a thin line to walk if you're not pierced or a rapper. Or married, I guess, though since I don't think of handcuffs as jewelry, I don't really think of a wedding ring as jewelry either. But if you like dolling yourself up and accessorizing, but are keen on preserving your masculinity while you're at it, how about incorporating some ninja spikes into the look like this bracelet does? Not only will it toughen up your bodily ornamentation, but now even if someone still wants to talk smack on your fashion sense you'll be able to whip one out and ask them to say that again to your stainless steel impaler.

The spike bracelet consists of a brown leather wrist cuff fitted with 3 holsters with antiqued brass buttons, and a trio of 4-1/2" ninja spikes. The triangular spikes have three engraved bars on each side and a ring at one end. They have been used as anything from punch spikes worn on the fingers to climbing spikes to rudimentary climbing pitons (provided you don't intend to put a lot of weight on them).

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