Steampunk Warrior Leather Armor

Posted: May 02, 2015
Steampunk Warrior Leather Armor
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You say you dig steampunk culture, but do you dig it enough to live it? Like, when you receive the invitation to your golden boy cousin Dickie's wedding with the "Black Tie" designation stamped across it, do you head to the closet and pull out a complete set of Victorian Steam Warrior leather armor?

Do you want to?

If so, Andrea Gotta of costume design shop Bottega de Sogni can hook you up. Specializing in masks and armor for cosplay and LARP wear Gotta hand makes all of his pieces to order, based on custom measurements and, if the buyer would like, custom ideas and input. The Steampunk Warrior leather armor pictured here will take Gotta 6 to 8 weeks to shape, carve, and paint especially for you. And Dickie. And the 499 other guests celebrating his nuptials.

Included in the price of the Steampunk Warrior leather armor are: front and rear chest plates; 2 x pauldrons; 2 x bracers; and a soft leather warkilt with hand-crafted plates and skirt.

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