Steampunk Combat Tesla Armor

Posted: July 29, 2012
Steampunk Combat Tesla Armor
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Like Lolo Jones and Hope Solo, the Steampunk Combat Tesla Armor's specs and stats are almost as impressive as its cut curves and transfixing beauty. Designer Jordan Edmondson hand-manipulated copper, leather, and brass into the C.T.A. Mk II (Combat Tesla Armor Mk II), a duel arm-bracer design that covers the wearer's shoulders, biceps, and forearms.

The cosplay (and chick magnet?) set's Tesla dubbing stems from its centerpieces, high-voltage visuals in the form of integrated Tesla Coils. Thick-gauge copper circuitry and copper back plates wind through bicep and forearm attachments, cementing the armor's apocalyptic steampunk look and feel.

Also pretty damn cool: the metal wires, tubes, and coils are derived predominantly from spent bullet casings--.45, .22, 9mm, and .50 caliber rounds. Edmondson also managed all of the C.T.A. Mk II's leatherwork himself, including its hand-stitched border trim. Wraparound pieces are adjustable via long buckles and straps, although designed to fit a person of small to medium stature.

The complete Combat Tesla Armor set includes: right and left shoulder, bicep, and forearm bracers; leather belts and straps, and four vintage 7.62 leather ammo pouches.

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