Oracle Color-Changing Lightsaber with Sound

Posted: March 13, 2015
Oracle Color-Changing Lightsaber with Prizm Sound
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Vader one day, Yoda the next. Go from the Dark Side to the Light, or go the other way for some cookies, with Saberz's Oracle, a lightsaber fitted with the company's Prizm tech to produce a rainbow of colors and 3 different sets of 16-bit sound.

Though I'd be a fool ever to share it with anyone, the Oracle can accommodate 10 separate user banks for storing custom blade colors, plus custom secondary colors for the saber's clash, lockup, and blaster effects. Light emits through a premium LED, powered along with the sounds of battle by a li-ion battery.

The Oracle's chassis parts are made from T6 aircraft-grade aluminum, finished with a hard-anodized coating. The emitter's design has an S-curve tip and grooved radial grips with window cutouts showing through to the saber body. The pommel includes Saberz signature relief on the rear face, which doubles as an aesthetic flourish and a functional sound vent.

Oracle Lightsaber packages include a detachable Z-Blade, charger, orientation washers, and a kill key. The Z-Blade is made of 2mm thick bulletproof polycarbonate for full-contact dueling.

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