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Posted: Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Bone Pistols

Man Holding Bone Pistol
  • Bone Pistols
  • Bone Pistols in Presentation Case
  • Bone Pistol Closeup
  • Man Holding Bone Pistol

A set of dueling pistols created by Kiwi artist Bruce Mahalski is now up for auction with a starting bid of around $1,235 American dollars. They include spare bullets and come in a custom-altered case with blood-red inlay counter-sunk into a rimu table. Oh yeah, the guns are also made of bones. Bones of all sorts, collected 'round town by Mahalski himself. The head on the bottom pistol hails from a ferret, and the top a black-backed gull. Both barrels are made from cats' vertebrae and...excuse me. I need a moment to wrap my head around this because Who fabricates firearms out of small animal and domestic house cat skulls?! Even ones intended for display as art? I ask partly because it's slightly disturbing, but more so because I think a million years could pass before I'd look at a dead cat and think, "Hmmm...now what could I make out of that?"

Mahalski's Bone Pistol Duo has never before been exhibited or offered for sale. The auction runs on New Zealand site TradeMe until September 26, 2012. Once it ends, photos of Mahalski's anatomical weaponry--and other bone art--can be found on his Website.

Muchas danke to Helablog.

Purchase Details: $1,235 from TradeMe »
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