Batbane Mask

Posted: November 19, 2012
Batbane Mask

Why be the good guy or the bad guy when you can be both? The Batbane Mask, by Ministry of Masks, is a gnarly, handcrafted portmanteau word for the face. Batman fused with Bane fused with latex rubber. Does it get any better? Wait, wearing it during Thanksgiving dinner with your judgy aunt and snooty cousins--oh yeah, it does. The full-head Batbane creations are all individually forged and painted in limited quantities. Designed to fit most adults and older children, it is also modifiable with the assistance of "a good pair of scissors." As are most things in life, Ministry of Masks, as are most things.

I would write more about Batbane and the adventures you could have dressed as him, but honestly, every time I look at the mask for inspiration I feel as if its empty eye sockets are penetrating my chest cavity in preparation to extract my soul, and it creeps me the F out. In this battle of superhero vs. villain, the villain is taking it home.

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