Zombies Vs. The Living Chess Pieces

By: on January 16, 2012
Zombies Vs. The Living Chess Set

If only real zombies would learn to work together, and execute strategic moves to capture the living, their chances of total world domination would increase exponentially. These handpainted, made-to-order chess pieces insert today's zombie obsession into an ancient battle of the brains, giving it the added twist of a metaphorical battle FOR the brains. Representing the zombie clan in the pictured set are: a bride and groom, serving as king and queen; medical professionals playing the rooks; priests and bishops reprising their clergy roles; rednecks playing knights; and small children stepping to the front of the line as pawns. For the living, the sheriff and prom queen are bestowed king and queen honors, and the characters from Blade are the rooks. However, as each set is custom, you can choose your own characters to represent Teams Zombie and Survivor. How about the humans from The Walking Dead versus the zombies from Shaun of the Dead? All human Lady GaGas versus all zombie Madonnas? Human rappers versus zombie country stars? Human Tim Tebows versus zombie atheists? Choose your all-stars and message in the details on the Etsy Buy page. Orders take approximately 2 weeks to fill. Chess board not included.