Wobble Chess Set

Posted: January 08, 2013
Wobble Chess Set
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Hey, a chess set that's fun to play with even for people who don't know how to play chess. Umbra brings the world of Wobble to its thinker's game, either to add some whimsy to what is otherwise an insufferably boring, hours-long endeavor, or more probably, so that when a dog or kid plows head first into the board-holding table's leg, its pieces don't fly off in every direction of disarray. Also, check out the video. Just watching the set wobble kind of entrances me. Not Euler's Disk proportions of entrancement, but I can get through the entire 54 seconds of footage. A few times if my VaporBLUNT and vinyl copy of The Dark Side of the Moon are nearby.

The Wobble Chess Set, in addition to a nifty concave landscape and weighted, gyrating rooks, knights, et. al., has an aesthetically pleasing walnut and metal composition. Its design earned creator Adin Mumma an Award of Merit in the 2008 HOW Magazine International Design Award competition.

Caution: Please keep Wobble pieces away from small children, who will likely mistake them for sippy cups.

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