Porcelain Mahjong Set

Posted: August 17, 2011
Porcelain Mahjong Set
  • Porcelain Mahjong Set
  • Porcelain Mahjong Set-6013
  • Porcelain Mahjong Set-2763
  • Porcelain Mahjong Set-678

Yep, Mahjong existed before computers. And really, it works just as well with these smooth 3D tiles. So, if your grandma's birthday is coming up, or you're a loser like me that needs to find a way to pass countless hours each day, then get your wallet out.

The kit is designed for 4 players. In addition to the 144 tiles, includes a set of dishes, where you can during this fascinating entertainment serve various snacks. This dish is a large bowl 15x15cm, smaller bowl, 2 small bowls, 2 ashtrays, 4 cups for drinks. All packed in a esthetic wooden box. The kit also included tray for tiles for each player, Game Guide, and a spare tile.

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