Double Retrospect - 32,000-Piece Puzzle

By: on November 09, 2013
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Problem 1: Finding a surface area of my mama's house large enough to accommodate a puzzle whose assembled size measures 214" x 75.5", or about 17' x 6'. Problem 2 (and Problem Much Bigger): Uh, putting the brain-and-eye-fryer that is Double Retrospect together. Over 32,000 pieces! Are you F'ing kidding me?! Unless we're talking pizza, I give it a max 2% chance that I'm going to be able to tackle 32,000 pieces of anything during my time here on earth.

Officially titled Keith Haring: Double Retrospect, this 32,256 piece (to be precise) titanosaur of brain exercisers depicts an unraveled, encyclopedic gallery of American artist Keith Haring's cartoon artwork. Boxed images of poppy people, pets, and imagined beings interacting in vivid colors span the macrocosm of what Guinness has deemed the largest puzzle available for commercial purchase.

Made by German firm Ravensburger, the Double Retrospect puzzle arrives packed in 8 separate bags, whose combined weight is an impressive 42 pounds. Thankfully, the storage box also comes with its own trolley so no one has to slip a disc carrying it from the front door to the living room. Which has presumably been cleared of all furniture.

All Ravensburger puzzles are made using "Softclick Premium Puzzle" technology, which indicates a thick, strong backing board, linen-structured glare-free top paper, and hand-crafted cutting tools that produce perfect fits between pieces, and generate nearly no dust during construction. And hopefully not during the Big Dump from the box either.

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