The Best Fidget Toys & Fidget Spinners

By: on November 29, 2016
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  • The Best Fidget Toys
  • The Best Fidget Toys
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  • The Best Fidget Toys
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  • The Best Fidget Toys & Fidget Spinners

Fidget toys or fidget spinners are increasingly being turned to as a simple, low-cost means of reducing stress and anxiety. The fiddle-friendly gadgets can also help address symptoms associated with ADD / ADHD, Autism, nail biting, hair twirling, and leg bouncing. Serving as grounding tools for excess energy, fidget toys and EDC spinners may also help increase your focus and attention.

And the EDC crowd has certainly taken notice. Fidget toys fit perfectly into the everyday carry lifestyle. Spinning tops, and spinners in particular seem to be very popular. With their sleek CNC machined looks, those closeup images are always enticing us to fork over a few bucks for the next edition of a custom Billetspin top or the newest version spinner from Rotablade.

It's difficult to include all of the best fidget toys. A cottage industry has sprung up with so many great lone wolf shops popping up in Etsy and the like every week. Here are my picks for The Best Fidget Toys (Note: All items' prices are listed as they were at printing. Prices are subject to change.)

Fidget Spinners

Rotablade Stubby Spinner

Following up it's popular release of the original Rotablade, the Stubby is an incredibly well made spinner being offered in stainless steel, copper, brass and titanium. Threaded machined grips are also available in the same metals and allow the user to remove for easy maintenance and to customize the Stubby to match their mood. The high performance ceramic hybrid bearing allows for some epic spin times. With some casual flicks, we managed to get the titanium Stubby to spin for close to four minutes and the heavier brass Stubby to spin for close to six. The Stubby doubles as a fully functioning cigar stand.

Purchase ~$120

Radioactive Isotope Spinners

You can dance with danger, or you can fidget with it. Black Hills Precision makes a series of aluminum and brass spinners in the shape of the ionizing radiation hazard warning. Probably not a good choice for your ADD / ADHD kids as I'm pretty sure the whole point of this symbol is to advise people to stay away from it.

Purchase $70 - $135

Maelstrom Spinner from Flyaway Toys

Manufactured and assembled in the Pacific Northwest, the Maelstrom is one of the newest spinners on the scene. The r188zz abec 7 hybrid ceramic bearing is giving some serious spin times...from what we're hearing. We haven't gotten our hands on this fidget spinner quite yet. All indications are that this is an impressive new spinner and one we'll be looking to add to our collection soon.

Purchase $119

The Vorso Flat Top Spinner

They're just as antsy across the pond as we are here in North America. Based out of Staffordshire, England, Vorso specializes (fine, specialises) in precision engineered, performance spinning tops. I think their Flat Tops are pretty sweet. Unique and desktop-worthy in appearance, sleek in design, and, according to Vorso, "a fidgeter's dream." You can spin an FT on a flat surface, sure, but you can also spin it in your hand, on the tip of your finger, or on the point of a pen or knife if you go the skillz. Flat Tops come in your choice of brass or stainless steel surrounding a custom built bearing. These are very small, but heavy and extremely sturdy spinners. Great for everyday carry with a small pocket footprint. A must have spinner for every collector.

Purchase $55 - $200

United Bow Tie Fidget Spinner

Oooh, a toy for the most dapper of fidgeters out there. United Machining's Bow Tie is made of a black hardcoated aluminum and employs a Hybrid Ceramic Bearing so it spins for a long, long time. From one to two minutes to infinity! Or maybe just long enough for you to calm down and relax.

Purchase $75

Rick Roemer Urban Fidget Toys

Rick Roemer started out handmaking eclectic, steampunk, upcycled, and recycled lamps, but has since added industrial fidget toys to his repertoire. This one, his BioHazard Spinner, is 3D printed and has 6 chrome steel weights embedded around its inner disc for spinning inertia. Roemer also used a Ceramic Hybrid bearing to keep the danger whirling and tearing around for longer. Check out his store for Galaxy, Nuclear, and Gear versions.

Purchase $17 - $65

EDC Fidget Spinner

This EDC Fidget Spinner from Brian's Metal Shop is all precision machined bones and plugs with a Bones Red bearing. Assembly is done with cryogenic and press fits so there is no glue involved. No mention of spin times, but this highly detailed, finely crafted spinner is a great addition to any collection.

Purchase $49.50

X and Y Spinners from Spinetic

Spinetics newly released X and Y spinners are both great new spinners from an established brand. With 3+ minute spin times out of the box, these affordably priced spinners are the perfect first spinners for beginners. Here's the Y spinner in action.

Purchase $35-$45

SS Thraxx Spinner

At 62mm in length this stainless steel spinner from Thraxx is a a great design. A unique thing on this spinner is the grips magnetically attach making them easy to remove and change. A bead blasted finish and r188 hybrid ceramic bearing make this a coveted spinner as evidenced by it's frequently sold out status.

Purchase $125

Fidget Toys

Begleri Beads from J.L. Lawson

This pair is made to order and hand turned from solid 5/8" diameter brass by J.L. Lawson & Co. For those unfamiliar, Begleri beads are a type of worry beads. Often flipped and spun to keep the hands (and mind) occupied, Begleris originated in Greece as a derivative of the Greek rosary. For those both unfamiliar and familiar, here's a sick video of what you can aspire to do with your Begleris.

Purchase $45

Polar Modular Magnet Pen

Fidget, write, fidget, write, fidget, write. Fingers do double duty with Polar. The modular pen consists of an ink refill skeleton covered in 14 rare earth neodymium magnets of body armor. Magnets strong and durable enough to build into spinny, rolly, and bouncy toys, or to chuck at your fridge and file cabinet at the precise force and trajectory required to make them stick.

Purchase $44 - $49

FidgetWorks Rollie Pollie Round Chain

Made of 6 bicycle links connected into a circular chain, this quiet and discreet fidget toy glides through fingers and morphs fluidly into various shapes when you're not poking one of them through its center opening.

Purchase $12

ForeverSpin Tops

Boost your creativity, add some minimalistic art to your desktop, give a gift that will last forever, or just let the movement mesmerize you and find some serenity now! ForeverSpin spinning tops are made from metals ranging from aluminum and copper to black zirconium and tungsten, formed into solid billets, and then CNC-machined on a lathe. The resultant level of precision achieved in the company's expertly-spun operation is top notch (at least as masterful as my puns), as are the quality and durability of ForeverSpin designs.

Purchase $34 - $195

Stainless Steel Black Spinner Ring

A more subtle way for dudes to herd the ants out of their pants, this black-on-black stainless steel band has a slightly protruding inner ring that rotates around the thicker section covering your finger. Comes only in full sizes, 9 - 12.

Purchase $12.50

Fidgetland Ring Toys

Solid Stainless steel rings and colorful silicone bands designed and intertwined in a range of different styles--one for each day of the week, maybe?--make up Fidgetland's ring toys.

Purchase $7 - $13

Kobayashi Fidget Cube

I've watched this video 10 times and still can't figure out how exactly the cubes are flipping over each other and seemingly joining themselves to other cubes through magic hinges. I do know that it looks like a great way to fidget away some time and keep your hand busy. For the DIY crowd there are countless instructions for 3D printing these yourselves. For the not so lucky, you can purchase one from Etsy.

Purchase $14.99

Kururin Desktop Toy

Kururin is a Japanese desktop toy that takes a great deal of hand eye coordination to master. Using only fingertips the Kururin, essentially a rounded wooden block with fingerpads on the ends, is generally flipped over using one hand and stopped with a fingertip on the other hand. That's a horrible explanation, which is why we have videos. Though not a well known fidget toy, the Kururin can definitely fill a fidgeter's appetite. For those with an eye on mastery, this desktop toy can certainly be used as a game of skill and is much more than just as a means to pass the time.

Purchase $12.99

If you want more information check out our complete guide to fidget spinners.

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Fidget Cube Desk Toy

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Whether it's the caffeine jitters, public speaking anxiety, or ants in your pants, those of us who aren't trained professionals in smoothness like James Bond and Ryan Gosling in Crazy, Stupid, Love will probably feel...

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MYO Telekinetic Armband

$199.99 from Amazon »

Well, telekinetic is only part of the story. Is telemusculokinetic a word too? Maybe that's redundant. Remote control muscles? Yeah, let's go with RC muscles. MYO armbands transform muscles--specifically the arm, or as...

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Golden Snitch Fidget Spinner

$12.95 from Amazon »

A Golden Snitch fidget spinner for all the antsy, anxious, stressed, and spectral Harry Potter fans out there. Add a pair of wings to a copper hub, and you've got your very own Quidditch game for one. Well, more like...

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Moondrop Gravity-Defying Fidget Toy

$25 from Moondrop »

Moondrop. Because this fidget toy's calibrated design of metal and magnets makes it feel like you're dropping the aluminum slider down its shaft from the moon, at a precise gravity of 1.6 m/s squared. Or, you could choose...

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Kururin Japanese Desktop Toy

$12.99 from Kendama »

Tops, fidget spinners, and now the Japanese Kururin. Why is hand-eye coordination storming pop culture so hard right now? I have many gifts and endowments--huge ones!--but, as evidenced by my attempts to school my girlfriend...

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Rebel Microlight Fidget Spinner

$70 - $130 from ZeroHour »

Know, and probably love, Zero Hour's new Rebel Microlight Fidget Spinner in 30 seconds or less with one click. This one. The short demo video gives you the full tour of the visual splendor that comes with merging a pair...

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Boob Cube

Sold Out from Amazon »

The Boob Cube is for idiots. And for geniuses. And for idiots who want to convince people they're really geniuses. And for geniuses you want to make feel like idiots. So, yeah, pretty much an ideal gift for any person...

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Think Ink Fidget Pen

$40 from Think Ink Pen »

The Think Ink Pen bends, spins, flips, dismembers and puts itself back together again, and...you don't even want to know what happens when you pull its finger. An entertainer through and through, this pen isn't so much...

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Tri-Spinner Fidget Toy

Sold Out from Amazon »

If, like Selena Gomez, you can't keep your hands to yourself, check out Yomaxer's version of metaphorical gin and juice, the Tri-Spinner Fidget Toy. Hands idle can kill time, and hands anxious may find some relief from...

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Hyper(boloid) Beads Kit

$30.85 from Grand Illusions »

Aside from a supersized fidget toy or a DIY project to do with the kids on a rainy Sunday afternoon there isn't a real practical reason to put together a Hyper Beads Kit. But once the rolling symbol of infinity is finished...

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Fidget Rings

$23 - $55 from Fidget »

Maybe you fidget because you're anxious. Because you're bored. Because you have ADHD. Because you're 5 minutes away from walking into the biggest interview of your life. Because you just drank 11 cups of coffee. Now fidgeters...

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The Magic Weighted Blanket

$107.85 - $267.85 from Amazon »

The Magic Weighted Blanket uses a therapeutic approach similar to the Gravity Blanket we saw here last month, with a couple of key differences: 1) The Magic Weighted Blanket is made of baby-bunny-soft chenille and sold...