SISU War Hammer

Posted: February 28, 2012
SISU War Hammer
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SISU! is the Finnish word for stubborn determination, and an appropriate moniker for a 28-pound War Hammer that has a predominantly fitness-based application, but could also wallop the ever loving Fuck You out of the Delorean that's driving 'round town with the girl you love, 'cause the change in your pocket just wasn't enough. From Rogue fitness comes this indestructible training sledgehammer for pounding on truck tires, and carving out one more ripple in your 6-pack, or striation in your upper traps, with every strike. The hammer's 7-gauge loadable steel head and pipe attachment weigh 14 pounds when empty, 20 pounds when filled with sand, and max out at 28 pounds when juiced up with lead. Total length is 42".

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