Kids' Helper Tower - Convertible Ladder & Table

Posted: February 17, 2022
Kids' Helper Tower - Convertible Ladder & Table
$245.10 - $316.40
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Apparently these Kids' Helper Towers, ladder-style step stools that convert to tables and desks, are pretty common amongst the child-having. But I, being a child-free dude, saw this one from PID Kids and was all, Daaaaang! A jungle gym, fort, and place to stuff my face all rolled into one! Got any Adult Helper Towers in your store? I could use a step ladder around the house, and I'm sure my wife would love it if she could seat me at a separate Dude Table when she hosts holidays and dinner parties.

In addition to performing multiple functions, the Kids' Helper Tower serves multiple purposes. First, it gives parents cooking dinner or doing various chores a way to incorporate, corral, and keep an eye on their child during the process. The tower in step stool form is fully enclosed with safety railings and clear panels to keep kis contained, and the top enclosure locks securely in place after folded and stacked.

Second, the Helper Tower promotes the Montessori teaching principle of child independence, giving kids the opportunity to be the helpers in the tower's name. Washing dishes. Decorating cookies. Slicing bananas with their very own wooden knife. Then, once the helping is done, the tower unfolds into a table for them to enjoy the fruits of their labor. Independently. While you enjoy a nice martini and solve today's Wordle.

PID Kids Helper Towers come in a handful of different colorways, and with or without a drawer for use in their table form.

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