Wooden Knife for Kids

Posted: June 27, 2021
Wooden Knife for Kids
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OK, Wooden Knife for Kids, I'll grant your solid oak "blade" is safe for the kiddos to cut with in the kitchen. And I'll also grant that your skills at slicing a banana, as well as Play-Doh, another of your recommended children's knife applications, are legit. But come on, we can all slice bananas and Play-Doh with our pointer fingers. We don't need a child-friendly wooden knife for that.

What I would really like to see is a demonstration of the second image in the photo gallery above: the Wooden Knife for Kids slicing a cucumber. They show the little girl holding the knife and holding the cucumber, but no cuts have been made. No rounds have been released and readied for placement over my swollen red (i.e., hungover) eyes.

Even better, I'd like to see the blunt edge of the Wooden Knife for Kids take on the yellow bell pepper it's pictured with in image #3. They don't even bother showing the kid in that one. Probably because they couldn't get a single shot that didn't have her looking at the camera like, "No F'ing way, Mama!"

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