Etch Morphing Digital Clock

Posted: January 05, 2017
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The Etch clock engraves every minute of your day into stone. Figuratively speaking. Really it uses the trickery of 3D digital numbers and a colored elastic membrane to give the eye-catching appearance of chiseled time. Then Etch turns eye-catching into head-scratching as its numbers change, disappearing entirely at first, like wiping the slate clean, and then morphing into the next temporal pairing as if the clock is carving the time out of liquid silver rather than solid rock.

The Etch Clock's digital-membrane system is a swell piece of patent-pending tech that represents the company's philosophy on time--that it's flying by and we're not stopping enough to appreciate its fleeting moments. They say Etch's 3D effect, on the one hand, gives time a physical presence we can notice and be grateful for. But the way each minute and hour disappears and then morphs into the next puts a visual on how quickly it, along with the experiences it envelops, vanishes.

Etch materials include an aluminum frame and dark peacock colored elastomer surface. You can set the clock on a desktop or mount it on a wall. Etch also has an accompanying mobile app so you can sync it with the current time and choose how you want the clock face to display.

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