Vibrating Ring Alarm Clock

Posted: October 03, 2012
Vibrating Ring Alarm Clock

Ring is a vibrating alarm clock that fits over the finger to gently and noiselessly rip slumberers from their states of peace. It is ideal for couples, the hearing impaired, and people who associate the sound of their wakeup call with aural torture akin to contemporary pop stars singing live without Autotune.

Ring components include a microchipped base and two malleable cylinders equipped with micro-vibratory properties. One of the latter slides over and affixes to a wearer's finger pad--the most sensitive part of that particular extremity--to unobtrusively rock him or her awake. The Ring base sets rise-and-shine times, as well as charges both Rings when not in use. No word on whether or not the device incorporates a snooze button. Or what happens if you accidentally contort in your sleep such that the Ringed finger ends up in close proximity to an eyeball just before the vibrations kick in. That would be unpleasant. Then again, I suppose body part proximity and unpleasant could swing the other way too....

Though still a concept product, Ring Alarm Clock creator Fandi Meng has already won a litany of design and idea awards, and so should be racking up enough seed money or investor interest to put this elegant implement of sleep eradication into production in the near future.

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