SWING Convertible Table & Shelf

Posted: February 22, 2018
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The SWING convertible table-to-shelf is magic! Not quite Fletcher Capstan magic, but still a pretty sweet design from EVE Collection, especially for those with limited space for furniture.

With a simple, single action - a swing, eh? - you can raise the SWING from dining table to shelving unit, stopping at the halfway point if you prefer a stylized, stairway shelf to one that's straight up and down. Rollers embedded in the piece facilitate the transition so it's an easy one-person job, and if you're the one person, you don't have to worry about throwing your back out in the process. Unless you get hasty and refuse to read the instructions like I did the first time I tried to put the leaf in my dining table.

SWING tables / shelves come in 3 different colors / finishes, one of which is suitable for outdoor use if you want to set one up on your small patio or balcony.

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