Seaboard Squishy Silicone Keyboard

Posted: March 02, 2015
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I thought maybe because there aren't really any distinct keys on the Seaboard I wouldn't really need any distinct talent to play it, but in watching the video of...is that Kenny G?...jamming out on his, I'm reconsidering whether or not that would actually prove to be the case. A contemporary experiment in a classical musical instrument, the Seaboard takes the keys of a piano and the sound effects of a synthesizer and combines them into "keywaves" on a soft, continuous silicone surface. A little touch and roll with the fingers will manipulate the Seaboard's sound as changes in pitch bend, vibrato, and per-note dynamic shifts. It's the next level of digital tech infiltrating a traditional piece of equipment, with some titillating tactile stimulation thrown in for an even more interactive experience.

The Seaboard silicone keyboard was designed by Roland Lamb and is made in the UK. Measurements are 13-1/2" tall x 37" wide x 1" deep.

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