MI.MU Gloves - Wearable Musical Instruments

Posted: April 26, 2019
$1,615 - $3,233
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With with MI.MU smart gloves you don't have to find the beat and follow it, you make the beat, and the beat follows you. The wearable musical instruments are recording artist Imogen Heap's brainchild and decade-long labor of love. In conjunction with the University of the West of England in Bristol, she's developed their design and technology, and this week released them for commercial sale.

MI.MU gloves endeavor to give musicians "unparalleled expressive control" with a WiFi-connected block at the wrist leading to embedded flex finger sensors, buttons, a vibration motor, and LED lights that respond to a host of bends and gestures to create a show of sounds, sights, musical sequences. Prior to performing, artists assign the beats and melodies pouring out of their hands to specific actions using MI.MU Glover composition software. The sounds themselves can come from third party music software.

MI.MU compatible formats include MIDI / OSC, with presets for Ableton Live and other major software.

Unfortunately, you'll pretty much need to make a major recording artist's salary to pre-order a pair of MI.MU Gloves, but I won't say the wearable musical instruments are overpriced or not worth it for serious performers. Watch the video. MI.MU Gloves look and sound BA.DA.SS.

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