Ravenchord Piano

Posted: July 31, 2023
Ravenchord Piano

The Ravenchord Piano. Surprisingly, that name checks out. Top to bottom. The instrument is a stunning new creation from Dan Harden, CEO of the award-winning product and experience design firm Whipsaw. They're also responsible for the sleek look of Tile Trackers, the Tonal wall-mounted strength training system, and, more recently, the Ancient Ritual Arc Home Sauna. But the Ravenchord Piano, ooo-eee, its sleek look out-sleek-looks them all.

While some piano standards remain in the Ravenchord - the 88 keys, the 30" keyboard height, and traditional acoustic, hardwood housing dimensions - Harden reimagined pretty much everything else about uprights and grands, and...let his ideas fly. The press release describes it as a "liberated piano." Its strings and inner workings, arranged at the front rather than the top of the instrument, are fully visible, as are the keyboard and the pianist making it sing, the latter two from a nearly 360-degree viewpoint.

Even more striking is the arrangement of the strings, which spread and arc into the beginnings of a spiral. Set inside the flat surface and rounded bottom of the piano's ebony frame, it's no stretch to see a raven's wing in the design. Further, during play audiences will be able to see the hammers, dampers, and other pieces move, and experience the full effect of the Ravenchord wing taking flight.

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