Artiphon Orba Musical Instrument

Posted: September 23, 2020
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Orba looper doompety doo / I've got a handheld soundbox for you / Orba MIDI doompety dee / Tap to make music immediately. Couldn't quite fit synthesizer in there, but the Artiphon Orba Musical Instrument is that too - a synthesizer, a looper, and a MIDI controller all in one, and all in the palm of your hand.

The Artiphon Orba Musical Instrument is a 3" orb..ish device with a touch-sensitive surface and built-in speaker. You can play notes and beats with finger taps, and then add effects with movement gestures, such as sliding a finger round the perimeter like a singing bowl, or shaking the whole thing like a...yep, you got it, Polaroid.

In addition to its synth and MIDI properties, the Artiphon Orba's looper tech allows for the layering of drum, bass, chord, and lead parts over your initial sounds to build songs on the fly. A wireless connection to the Orba app allows for instrument customization, plus distributing your Artiphon Orba track creations to Dr. Dre and Tiesto. Or, like, your friend Cornelius.

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