Snow-Melting Stair Mat

Posted: December 08, 2013
Snow-Melting Stair Mat

What?! A snow-melting stair mat? And a baby demonstrating its use?! But the best part of accumulated Mother Nature dandruff is watching little kids wipe out trying to navigate through it! I do feel bad for old people when they fall though. That also costs our health care system a lot of money in broken hips. So I suppose in at least one sense HeatTrak's thermoplastic tread runner provides a valuable service to society.

Each snow-melting mat measures 10" x 30", and can be used independently or as part of an army of snow-melting mats tasked with ensuring no one will piss "LOSER" in the snow that falls in my front yard ever again. Melting rate is 2" per hour, and mats are designed to be installed outdoors for the entire winter season. They require a 120-volt power unit that is sold separately.

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