Disturbed Friends - The Worst Game Ever Made

Posted: April 03, 2016
Disturbed Friends - The Worst Game Ever Made
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Consumer drones? Wearables? Self-driving cars (and -walking shoes)? Nah. I think politically incorrect card-based games that at some point make every person playing them feel extremely uncomfortable or self-conscious are the greatest advancement we've seen this decade. It all started with Cards Against Humanity and, as Disturbed Friends readily admits with a "This game should be banned" note on its box, things just keep getting worse better worse better...well, decide for yourself.

Disturbed Friends is a party game so simple "even a handicapped goat could play." And that's just Friendly Rabbit, Inc.'s description of it, so not even the tip of its obnoxious, offensive, childhood-bond-shattering iceberg. Up to 10 players take turns reaching inside a box of 250 disturbing question cards and reads its multiple choice question and possible answers aloud. Other players take turns voting on which answer they think their friend will choose. Those who guess (i.e., use their deep insight of friends' dirty and sociopathic psyches) correctly receive a #WINNING card, each of which is decorated with a delightfully inappropriate cartoon mocking contemporary society.

The winning player is her or she left with the most #WINNING cards after the first person in the group storms off, or the first fist fight breaks out.

Disturbed Friends question cards include inquiries about awful situations, sexual scenarios, and unethical debates.

Muchas danke to Jordan M. for the Dude Product Tip.

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