Darwins Beard Catcher Grooming Cape

By: on April 09, 2016
Darwins Beard Catcher Grooming Cape
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I can just hear the exchange the must have led to the creation of Darwins Beard Catcher:

Man: Time to trim Junior!

Man's Wife / Girlfriend: Ugh, great! Now I'll be cleaning beard hair [or if she's particularly chippy, face pubes] off the counter and floor...and my makeup bag and my socks and my toothbrush for the next week!

Man: Yeah, but think of the sexy beast you'll get to be seen with in return.

Man's Wife / Girlfriend: Ugh! Can you at least try, like, put a modicum of effort into sweeping that crap up and washing out the sink when you're finished?

Man: I like my essence to spread. It marks my territory.

Man's Wife / Girlfriend: Oh, evolve! ... Or go mark some territory in a tent in the backyard tonight.

And so, Darwins Beard Catcher was born. Put on the nylon cape...backwards...and then stick its two suction cups to the mirror. All beard and mustache grooming clippings will fall into its hammock of tidiness for easy disposal in the trash when you're done.

In addition to significant other nagging, Darwins Beard Catcher also averts face trimming drain clogs.