Roland TR-909 Swimsuit

By: on December 05, 2012

Using the Roland TR-909 Rhythm Composer as their inspiration, The Puss Puss puts puts (gotta love the low-hanging fruit) its own spin on musically-themed swimwear with the PP-909 ladies' swimsuit. Knob, key, and button imagery reflect the partially analog, partially sample-based 16-step sequencer and drum kit of Japan's circa-1983 Roland Corporation. And when the girl wearing the swimsuit gets cold, knob/key/button imagery will likely reflect other, er, instruments as well.

The TR-909 was the first MIDI-equipped drum machine ever created in the history of humankind, and only around 10,000 units were produced. My guess is that even fewer PP-909 swimsuits have made it through the Puss Puss assembly line, so musicians and beat-dropping fanatics eager to own one best bust a move while they're still around.

Rhythm Composer Swimsuits hail from the EU and are made with fine Italian fabrics. They are double lined for maximal coverage, even when wet. Awww, shucks. Available US sizes are 0 to 14.