Yooner Seated Ski

Posted: November 08, 2013
Yooner Seated Ski
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Sort of a butt ski, sort of a sled, sort of a snow kart. The Yooner is sort of a lot of things by physical definition, but by use, maker TSL Outdoor would say it is only a thrilling, effortless, and, most importantly, learning curve-less downhill ride.

The compact Yooner rises a hair under 8" above the ground, resting atop a stainless steel, shock-resistant ski that attempts to replicate the gliding sensation of its foot-centric predecessors. No, wait, never mind the "attempt" hedge in that statement. According to TSL Outdoor, Yooner arrives with "Gliding sensations guaranteed!"

The sit-n-ski's chassis includes a curved steering handle and a shock-absorbing design that traditional skis typically leave to riders' joints, and that the Yooner would otherwise leave to riders' crotches. Braking occurs either as it does in the stand-up sport--pivot and skid--or by pulling the Yooner handle back to dig its underbody claws into the snow.

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