YakTrax Walk Traction Cleats

Posted: December 22, 2017
YakTrax Walk Traction Cleats
$9.93 - $18
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As much as I love bloopers videos of people slipping on ice and biting it in snowy winter weather, I don't love it when the subject of such videos is me. YakTrax are traction cleats that slip on over your outdoor shoes to help your treks through packed snow and ice slip-, fall-, and YouTube-free.

YakTrax's "cleats" are really spikeless spirals of 1.2mm skid lock steel coils. They wrap around a poly elastomer webbing to provide 360 degrees of traction, while adding just 5 ounces of weight to each foot. YakTrax recommends these grippers for pedestrians of all ages, and sells the cleats in 4 stretchable sizes, covering men's / women's sizes 1/2.5 to 13.5/15.

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