WEN Snow Blaster

Posted: January 29, 2015
WEN Snow Blaster
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Oh you poor East Coast bastards. I normally have no sympathy for the plight of my fellow men unless their plight somehow directly affects me, but as someone who feels being stranded in the house with his mama and then shoveling out through 30 inches of snow would be almost as miserable as getting a root canal, rabies shots, and a colonoscopy all at once, I have much sympathy for the millions of you. Sympathy, plus the link to a Snow Blaster.

Because 3 feet of snow says a lot of things. And not the least of those things is, F shovels!

Granted, the Snow Blaster by WEN is no tunnel boring machine, and at its size and price, it does have some limits. Working in 18" widths the blower will drive up to 10" of snow depth up to 30' in any direction via its 180-degree adjustable top chute. The Snow Blaster has a 13-amp engine that spins at 2200 RPMs to clear the Lord's dandruff in a single pass.

WEN's auger has a solid steel framework and rubber-tipped edges to create a flexible contour that will protect underlying surfaces, such as driveways and a walkways.

Muchas danke to Ben E. for the Dude Product Tip.

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