Signal Solar Hybrid Snowboard

By: on October 23, 2014

No laws or public service announcements about texting & boarding yet, right? Perfect. Because that's exactly what Signal's Solar Hybrid snowboard was designed for.

OK, not really. But with a solar panel embedded into the board's topsheet the Solar Hybrid does double as a power station. That means as you attack and conquer the slopes your weapon of war will also be sucking up the sun and powering your electronics during the siege. In addition, Signal includes a 2,000mAh USB battery pack with the Solar Hybrid.

The Solar Hybrid snowboard is intended for charging USB devices such as smartphones, POV cameras, and HUD goggles. As a general point of reference, a fully charged solar panel will take about 3 hours to recharge a completely dead iPhone, and the Inverter itself will need about 5 hours to recharge if placed in direct sunlight.

Just one in an extensive line of snowboards, Signal's Solar Hybrid boards themselves feature:

  • Wavelength Technology, camber between your feet with rocker on the tip and tail.
  • A glloss silkscreen topsheet and knife-cut Durasurf sintered bases that flop between black and white.
  • ABS sidewalls in black and Durasurf tip and tails in black
  • A Poplar core
  • Biaxial glass underneath with triaxial glass on top of the core

Muchas danke to Manny for the Dude Product Tip.

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