Brush Hero Water-Powered Detail Brush

Posted: October 12, 2016
Brush Hero Water-Powered Wheel Brush
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You can Brush Hero your car tires, you can Brush Hero your bike tires. You can Brush Hero your headlights and all the bits under your hood. You can Brush Hero your dirty grills and your dirty flower pots and your dirty boots. And, oh yeah BuddyBaileyMax, you can even Brush Hero your yellow lab.

The Brush Hero was originally designed as a water-powered turbine for auto detailing, but it turns out the hose attachment can help clean just about anything you want to give a good scrubbing and de-mucking. The brush requires no batteries or electricity, and contains no internal fins, blades, or mechanisms that will get stuck or wear down and need replacement. Screwed onto your garden hose the Brush Hero's patented turbine can spin with up to 15 pounds of torque.

Brush Hero wands are made of durable plastic covered in an ergonomic soft rubber grip. They include 2 (replaceable) brush heads, one with tough bristles for cakey, stubborn dirt, and the other with soft bristles for sensitive surfaces, such alloy wheels, fine paint, and your kid's backside when you decide to make good on your threat to scrub his ass 'til it shines like a mirror if he doesn't get in the shower and wash off his own muddy self.

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