The Frog Log

By: on June 24, 2017
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It's not easy being green, but install the Frog Log in your swimming pool and you'll at least make it easier for the hued dudes to climb back out when their poor decision-making skills, or gravity, entice them in. And the floating platform won't just save their lives, it will save you the hassle and grossness of fishing dead frogs out of your pool this summer.

The Frog Log points out that when a frog (or a mouse or other critter) falls into a pool, their instincts send them toward the pool walls, where they'll circle the edge in search of an escape. Once they bump into the Frog Log they'll be able to climb up its mesh edging onto the flat surface, and then up the mesh ramp to dry land.

The escape won't be as epic as this frog escape, but the effect - that the green ones will live to see another day! - will be the same.

The Frog Log expects its use will "nearly eliminate dealing with dead animals," plus reduce the bacteria infiltrating your pool from them. Setup requires no more than setting the platform in the water, with the weighted sandbag on the pool ledge to hold it in place. (You'll need to fill the Frog Log pouch with 1-1/2 to 2 cups of sand or pea gravel, or slide in a dive belt weight.)

Note: The Frog Log can assist small animals only, so be sure to keep that skimmer on hand for the neighbor's cats and the gators.

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Epic Frog Escape

This 2 minute video clip is the equal of any movie I've seen this year. Suspense, intrigue, a classic soundtrack. I won't ruin the ending for you... but the good guy wins. This is the gutsiest damn frog I've ever known...

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Silicone Swimming Fingers

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While they don't boast the superhero aesthetic of Darkfin Gloves--more like the hand-got-tangled-up-in-a-jellyfish aesthetic--these Silicone Swimming Fingers consume a lot less room both in your bag and on your body than...

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Intex Ultra Daybed Inflatable Lounge

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I like it. Intex hasn't just made their daybed an indoor / outdoor lounger, they've made it a dry land / chillin' on the water piece of inflatable relaxation too. The big ol' disc can fit 2 comfortably and more than 2...

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Knitted Dissections

$25 - $105 from Etsy »

Emily Stoneking of aKNITomy would like to welcome you to her "icky and cuddly world of knitted anatomy, where biology no longer smells like formaldehyde, but like your favorite sweater." The artist creates her series...

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The Toad Sofa

You can kiss the Toad Sofa if you want, ladies, but remember: fairy tales and wishes always seem to have a catch. The prince might turn out to be this. Or, worse, this....

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110" Swimming Pool Movie Screen

Sold Out from Amazon »

One way to guarantee your kid grows up to be a spoiled, entitled brat like that little crapper Suri Cruise is to install an in-ground pool in your back yard--maybe even one that fluctuates between pool and patio--and...

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Inflatable Water Park

$749.99 from Amazon »

If its photographic depictions are accurate, the Rainforest Rapids amusement park is an inflatable backyard installation suitable for both wet and dry bouncy-bouncy fun, as well as both small children who want to splash...

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Roarin' Shark Inflatable Pool

$65.95 from Amazon »

Not only do you not need a kid to get a Roarin' Shark inflatable pool, I would recommend not letting one anywhere near it. Why risk the competition? You can fill it with ice and use it as a beer cooler, or fill it with...

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The Villa Mar Vista Estate

$19.95 million from Yahoo »

Do you have $20 mil burning a hole in your shorts? It's worth less every second as we watch the financial world crumble beneath us. And you know what they say, "buy land, God ain't makin' any more of it". Well, we've...