The Villa Mar Vista Estate

By: on August 19, 2011
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$19.95 million
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Do you have $20 mil burning a hole in your shorts? It's worth less every second as we watch the financial world crumble beneath us. And you know what they say, "buy land, God ain't makin' any more of it". Well, we've brought you the perfect solution.

Villa Mar Vista, a sublime junction of privacy,acreage, generous interiors,tasteful design, plentiful outdoor spaces and vast coastal vistas firmly secures this new-construction compound as the finest estate in prestigious Laguna Beach. Every opportunity for coastline and cataline Island views is taken and enhanced by craftsman windows and French doors that flow into the fruit and native plant laced gardens and terracs for years round indulgence in the celebrated coastal climate. Amenities include an infinity edge pool,spa, allensuite bedrooms, garaging for 20 cars, theatre room and an atrium foyer. The 11.77-acre parcel abuts another 40 acres of open space for the ultimate in privacy, views and artful living.

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Underhill Home - Luxury Hobbit-Hole

$917k from rightmove »

Now that the British Pound has taken its first real hit in recent memory, you might start thinking about buying up some real estate in England. This 4-bedroom, 4,000-square-foot home called Underhill is a steal at $917,000....

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Melody Key Private Island

$5.99 million from Private Islands Online »

A private island a mile offshore in the Florida keys sporting recent multi-million dollar renovations, a main house with vaulted ceilings, pool, jacuzzi, solar inverter, on-demand muted generator, a desalination system...

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The Frog Log

$19 from Amazon »

It's not easy being green, but install the Frog Log in your swimming pool and you'll at least make it easier for the hued dudes to climb back out when their poor decision-making skills, or gravity, entice them in. And...

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Intex Ultra Daybed Inflatable Lounge

$45.17 from Amazon »

I like it. Intex hasn't just made their daybed an indoor / outdoor lounger, they've made it a dry land / chillin' on the water piece of inflatable relaxation too. The big ol' disc can fit 2 comfortably and more than 2...

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The Mansion From Funny People

$75 million from Luxury Real Estate »

Maybe the most classically beautiful and inspired piece of real estate currently for sale in measurable spatial dimensions. An absolute knockout, and so innocent looking! Five shiny Sacajawea dollars say this PYT from...

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Grand Portico Mansion Playhouse

$11,160 from Amazon »

Who's your Daddy...Warbucks? Better call him if you want the Grand Portico playmansion erected in your back yard, Suzy Q, because this definition of a spoiled child is gonna cost a whole helluva lot more than the Barbie...

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Hollywood Hills Mansion - 9010 Hopen

$8.65 million from 9010 Hopen »

Who would guess that what looks like a noninvasive skin rejuvenation clinic from the street opens into a panorama of contemporary cool with walnut floors, sultry lighting, and drop dead (literally, if you're not careful)...

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340 N Kanan Dume Rd Malibu, CA

$49 million from Yahoo »

Think the washer and dryer are included? This place has to be seen to be believed. Can someone who lives in LA drive by there and tell them you want to get some video for DudeIWantThat.com? Also get a video of their response...

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La Casa Sin Nombre

$59 million from Christie's Real Estate »

Florida's Latin population tallies over 18%, and people who know stuff about populations speculate that by 2035, the state will have a Hispanic majority....

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110" Swimming Pool Movie Screen

Sold Out from Amazon »

One way to guarantee your kid grows up to be a spoiled, entitled brat like that little crapper Suri Cruise is to install an in-ground pool in your back yard--maybe even one that fluctuates between pool and patio--and...

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Inflatable Water Park

$749.99 from Amazon »

If its photographic depictions are accurate, the Rainforest Rapids amusement park is an inflatable backyard installation suitable for both wet and dry bouncy-bouncy fun, as well as both small children who want to splash...

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Roarin' Shark Inflatable Pool

$54.95 from Amazon »

Not only do you not need a kid to get a Roarin' Shark inflatable pool, I would recommend not letting one anywhere near it. Why risk the competition? You can fill it with ice and use it as a beer cooler, or fill it with...