Minecraft Creeper Squirrel Feeder

By: on August 07, 2014

Now might be the first time in my entire life I am tempted to use a certain acronym. I definitely, 100% won't write it, but when I saw this Minecraft Creeper squirrel feeder in Rick Roemer's Etsy shop I legitimately did do it: laugh out loud. Or maybe it was more of an emphatic chortle. I'm not sure, but right afterwards one of my baristas asked if I needed the Heimlich, so I know this genius exhibit of Minecraft-meets-rodent-nourishment-dispenser elicited audible excitement.

We've recently seen a horse head turned into a squirrel feeder, so I'm actually surprised that more comical takes on the idea haven't emerged in its stead. Perhaps the Minecraft icon here will kick us off. Roemer designed his Creeper feeder with 2 thin metal rods that push 3" to 4" into the ground so no hanging, mounting, or tools are required. Made from weatherproof plastic, the green head holds squirrel food on a shelf around back, and measures 3-1/8" in every direction.

Note: Feeders are Ssssss! without the BOOM! Unfortunately for those of you with a squirrel problem (but fortunately for my neighbor's hungry cat, Willard) Roemer's Creepers do not explode.

The Minecraft Creeper squirrel feeder is a top Dude Gift for a Geek and Gift for the Garden pick.

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