Toroid Collapsible Grill

Posted: July 09, 2012
Toroid Collapsible Grill

Jason Luk and Song Kim have designed and submitted the Toroid Grill, still a concept limited to the pictured CAD drawings, to online inventors' mecca ideacious. A collapsible and portable charcoal burner particularly suited for camping trips and picnics, the guys created their grill with the "aesthetic beauty and functionality" they felt would best speak to and represent weekend warriors ages 23 to 35. In other words, it's a grill for yuppies! Which is fine by us, because yuppies need BBQ too, and a lot of them cook damn fine Kobe beef burgers, and do some unthinkably delectable things with bacon.

As an added coup, Luk and Kim's design taps into Americans' love for both the biggest and best, and the smallest and best. Folded, the Toroid totes and stores easily, measuring a mere 10.6" x 12.25" x 18.75". Even cooler, it unfurls to 6 times that size for grilling, with a surface area of 28" x 26.5" (total unfolded size is 32" x 30" x 15"). When not in use, the grill collapses and contains all parts (less the charcoal it uses to burn) within its pentagonal walls.

The Toroid is currently in prototyping stages, and will proceed with manufacture once Luk and Kim receive enough ideacious pre-orders ($200 apiece) to fund its production.

For those not familiar with ideacious, it's a sort of midpoint between Kickstarter and Etsy that 1) provides product creators a medium for presenting their ideas to an audience, and recruiting investors, and 2) serves as a straight-up online retail space for artists and inventors who already have their goods ready to move. For the buyer, it is an opportunity both to impulse buy on the spot cool shit you may or may not need, as well as to purchase/invest in concept products that have yet to be made, knowing your support is part of what will ultimately determine if they reach that final step. As a literal bonus, investing in a product by pre-ordering it--typically with a mere $5 deposit--makes you a true investor, with the potential to earn your money back with interest. To read more about ideacious, head over here.

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