The Five Cooking Method Grill

Posted: May 23, 2013
The Five Cooking Method Grill
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Though maybe not quite as cool as the Blacktop 360 Party Hub Grill, The Five Cooking Method Grill still ranks pretty high on my I Would Like One of Those Excel spreadsheet. Plus, unlike the Blacktop, the Method's distinct, interchangeable attachments won't force you to divvy up the grill's surface area between your selections for searing, simmering, and stir frying. Cook a grip of steaks on the stainless steel grate, switch to the flat griddle to fry up a crate of eggs and hash browns to serve alongside them, and then move on to the ribbed griddle to sizzle a dozen or so sliders for dessert. Also included in the set are a pot rack and a shallow wok for slow cooking BBQ baked beans and fast cooking Dongpo pork respectively.

The gas grill's burner outputs 14,000 BTUs, and its griddle, flattop, and wok are coated in enamel to prevent sticking and, in turn, fits of rage. Cooking surfaces accommodate up to 4 steaks or 6 burgers.

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