Stuffed Hamburger Press

By: on August 15, 2011
  • Stuffed Hamburger Press
  • Stuffed Hamburger Press-2532
  • Stuffed Hamburger Press-779
  • Stuffed Hamburger Press-5205

Designed to make burgers better than ever, this innovative tool shapes perfect meat patties, then stuffs them with your favorite savory fillings. Fun and easy to use, it's perfect for all sorts of burgers, from juicy beef to succulent chicken, turkey or lamb.

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Smoke Puck Meat Infusers

$11.86 from Amazon »

They say these smoke pucks pack punch. Right in your meat's kisser! Smaller than a wood or pellet smoker, or even a wood / pellet smoker box that sits under your grill lid, the Steven Raichlen Best of Barbecue Stainless...

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Bad Jew BBQ Sauce

$5.98 from Bad Jew BBQ »

If there's one thing that Jews know, it's not barbecue sauce. Nonetheless, we've been given their best effort. Hey, at least it's kosher right? No word on whether or not the sauce bottle "tips" well for easy pouring....