STCKBLS Stackable & Expandable BBQ Grill System

Posted: August 20, 2017
$325 - $399
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The guys who created STCKBLS could be equal parts foodie and roadie. Their new stackable, modular BBQ grill system looks like a tower of amps coming in, and cooks like a gas grill turned up to eleven...no, twelve thousand BTUs when unpacked. You can even gang multiple STCKBLS grills together, side-by-side, and grow your grilling area big enough to feed the whole parking lot at the next tailgate.

In addition to its modular grilling possibilities, the STCKBLS Full Stack setup adds storage, refrigeration, and transport to its tower of cookery. Storage and cooler cubes give grill masters 22L and 30L of extra space respectively to bring along tools, utensils, raw ingredients, condiments, and sides. The STCKBLS grill stand rolls upright on a pair of wheels to haul vertically stacked modules, and then flips onto its side to turn into a table when you want to pull the cubes apart for horizontal use.

STCKBLS modules have an 18" x 18" footprint and can be stacked sturdy up to 4 high. You can use a complete Full Stack, with grill on top, storage in the center, and cooler on bottom, in its stacked position, or pull the pieces apart and place them on the table-fied stand, a table you've got, or even your truck bed.

The STCKBLS modular BBQ grill system seeks crowdfunding on Kickstarter through September 28, 2017.

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