Smokestack Outdoor Fire Pit

Posted: April 10, 2014
Smokestack Outdoor Fire Pit

Funny, the guy shown using the Smokestack outdoor fire pit is exactly the type of guy I'd imagine to be entirely incapable of using a Smokestack outdoor fire pit. Half-kneeling in a suit with a baby axe? I guess that means this yard heater is either hipster friendly or hipster approved. I vote the latter.

Then again, the guy in the photo could also be the Smokestack's Dutch designer, Frederik Roije, in which case he would be a foreigner and thereby exempt from all American stereotypes. Except, of course, American stereotypes about foreigners.

Roije created the Smokestack as an urbanized reflection of the industrial chimneys he used to see growing up in Holland. At 6-1/2' tall the fireplace could be your backyard greeter, the first to welcome friends, guests, and woodchoppers to BBQs and outdoor parties this summer. Its composition is predominantly Corten steel, a metal developed in the 30s whose protective oxide film holds its strength while weathering in the elements to a rustic copper tone.

Muchas danke to Uncrate.

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