M16 Rifle BBQ Lighter

Posted: June 15, 2012
M16 Rifle BBQ Lighter

I wanted to spend $7,950 on the Colt .45 BBQ Grill, but the tradeoff would have been making my kid go through life with buck teeth and an overbite. So, after much soul searching...$8 grand worth of extensive dental work and braces it is. As a consolation prize for my selflessness, my wife gave me this M16 Rifle BBQ Lighter. And I have to say, as far as cheap substitutions go, this one is pretty slick. I mean, it's way better than when I asked her for Adidas and she got me Zips, anyway. Plus, since it actually functions as a lighter, I'll be able to take it from BBQ to BBQ this summer, tossing out references to packin' heat at least 100 times before someone punches me in the neck.

The M16 Rifle measures 14" long, and has an adjustable flame kept alive with standard, refillable butane fluid. The lighter is child-resistant. If M16s aren't really your firearm of choice, the lighter design also comes in Bolt Action Rifle, Shotgun, and traditional Rifle flavors.

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