La Caja China #2 Roasting Box

Posted: June 10, 2015
La Caja China #2 Roasting Box
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La Caja China isn't new, but seeing it again as we enter grilling season reminds me how nice it would be if my mama got one for our back yard--and kept it stocked--so I could roll out of bed each morning and tear off hunks of whole roasted pig for breakfast like the drugged-out-on-pork-fat crowd in the video. Man, that would be hog heaven. I'm just saying.

In 1985 Roberto Guerra was cooking a pig on a BBQ made from some barbed wire and the front grille of a Ford F-series. Actually, I don't know what the BBQ was made from, but I do know it was a makeshift apparatus that was a troublesome and slow. When his father mentioned the Chinese Box, a long wooden box people used to roast meat in half the time during his childhood in Cuba, La Caja China seed was planted.

Today the US-made grills and roasting boxes come in several different sizes and styles, but their concept remains the same: cook a ton of meat. To perfection. Fast.

La Caja China #2 is the company's most popular roaster, able to cook up to a 100-110-pound pig. Or lamb. Or goat. Orrrr:

  • 16-18 whole chickens
  • 4-6 turkeys
  • 8-10 slabs of pork ribs
  • 8-10 pork shoulders
  • Probably, like, 1,000 strips of bacon

The Caja China set comes with a charcoal pan & grid, a large dripping pan, 2 x stainless steel racks, a marinating syringe, and metal handles for rickshawing the BBQ around town as part of my evening and weekend cash cow concept: The Meat Cream Man. Hunks of slow-roasted pork scooped right from the pig and served in a hollowed-out baguette "cone".

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