Herb Wand Basting Brush

Posted: September 01, 2013
Herb Wand Basting Brush
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A magic wand is pretty much the all-time lamest "superpower", so it's nice to see one get upcycled into something reasonably cool and handy. Chef'n's Herb Wand accepts magical ammo of woody herbs, such as rosemary and thyme, that will infuse additional flavor while slathering up meat and veggies with oil, butter, or Broquet BBQ Box fixins.

To use, just grab a solid grip of fresh aromatics, stuff them into the wand, and twist into place. This sort of living basting brush is right up my alley, as just the other day I was bitching about how much I hate chopping fresh herbs. Especially cilantro and thyme, whose flimsy, infiltrating stems make the process particularly tedious and un-fun. I also hate dicing tomatoes and having any interaction whatsoever with raw chicken thighs. JFYI.

Muchas danke to The Green Head.

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