FireDisc Carbon Steel Grill

Posted: November 10, 2016
FireDisc Carbon Seel Grills
$313.18 - $374.66
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"We challenge each customer to put this grill to the test as the most rugged, best designed, quality tasting and cooking grill you can buy." Well. No one can say there's a lack of confidence in Katy, TX, home of the FireDisc Carbon Steel Grill. Initially this morphed BBQ's Unidentified Funky Object shape drew me in. It reminded me of the Fryin' Saucer portable grill and deep fryer. But FireDisc grills forego the bucket of hot oil in the center in favor of a 22" sloped grilling surface surrounded by a heat ring that enables you to use the grill to cook chili and stews, stir fries, and boiled items as well.

Like a cast iron skillet, the FireDisc cooking surface is made for seasoning, so your grill will infuse more and more flavor into your food the more you use it. Similarly, cleanup requires no soap or fervent scraping--just spray the grill down with a hose, wipe it dry, and give it a once-over with oil on a paper towel. The top basin detaches from the legs for dumping out any liquids or other remnant droppings, and the whole device breaks down and folds flat, without removing screws, nuts, or bolts, for transport.

FireDisc grills come in 24" and 36" heights, both with adjustable stands to accommodate setup on sloped or uneven surfaces. You can also choose between Black and Red colors.

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