Bob-A-Que 360 Swivel Outdoor Grill

Posted: July 16, 2013
Bob-A-Que 360 Swivel Outdoor Grill
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I enjoy cooking over an open flame, but hovering over an open flame with my delicate body and luscious, flowing locks? Not so much. Bob-A-Cue is a portable campfire grill whose name would be much cooler if it's surface were shaped like Bob Barker's head instead of a circle, because that would be the highest and best use of the pun, and also the product was clearly at some point awarded to the closest Price Is Right bidder who didn't go over. It stakes into the ground and swivels 360 degrees to transport food towards a roaring heat source for cooking, and then sufficiently away again for serving.

Bob-A-Que's grilling surface measures 17" in diameter and is plated in nickel. Height is adjustable. No tools are required for assembly.

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