BBQ Dragon Fire Accelerator

By: on May 03, 2013
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This Dragon doesn't breathe fire, it breathes air. But this air perpetuates fire, encouraging it to burn faster and stronger and continuously until its services are no longer needed, at which point water steps in to extinguish it, and then earth absorbs its remnant ashes. Isn't it inspiring how the elements of nature work together in perfect symbiosis to bequeath us succulent cuts of barbecued meat?

A compact, portable, and hands-free fire-starting tool, the BBQ Dragon proposes to light and heat your charcoal cookery faster than a chimney without the assistance of lighter fluid. It can also control grill and smoker heat levels, juice up smoldering fires, and scare cats off of countertops. I didn't even make that last part up. BBQ Dragon masters point it out themselves in their flame conjurer's copy and I'm very glad they did because, you know what? F cats.

The BBQ Dragon mechanism functions by blowing a high quantity of of low-velocity, cool air at fires to stimulate their oxygen consumption and allow them to burn hotter and faster. Bypassing the need to cook with gas, which is both less ecologically sustainable than charcoal and imparts a less toothsome flavor to the food it produces, BBQ Dragons can heat charcoal to grilling temps in only 10 minutes--half the time it takes a chimney. Seemingly ideal for tailgates, camping trips, or the beach, Dragons claim to accelerate and improve the performance of a variety of cooking gear, including grills, smokers, fire pits, fireplaces, and wood stoves.

Battery-powered BBQ Dragons clip to the sides of grills and, with their flips switched on, begin churning controlled, focused air onto the fire source at variable speeds set by the user. High volumes of air suit a bonfire or outdoor fire pit, medium levels fireplaces and wood stoves, and low levels smokers and smaller fires.

Pending a successful Kickstarter campaign that runs through June 1, 2013, BBQ Dragons will start shipping to their backers in July and August 2013.

November 2013 Update: The BBQ Dragon met its crowdfunding goal and is now available for direct purchase through Amazon--follow the link below.

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