Arteflame 40" Grill

Posted: May 26, 2019
Arteflame 40" Grill
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Arteflame's 40" Grill goes from a BBQ with visiting family tonight to a bonfire with the lady you didn't want to torture with meeting them when they all leave tomorrow. A slick, contemporary design for your patio or back yard, the combo grill and fire pit burns both wood and charcoal from within a US Corten steel spun bowl, which you can use with or without the included 1/2" carbon steel cooktop.

For social grilling, the Arteflame heats its cooktop from the center out. So you'll get higher cook temperature at the interior of the circle that drop towards the outer perimeter, giving you heat options for cooking a variety foods at the same time.

The Arteflame Grill also comes with an accessory ring under its cooktop so if you decide to purchase a separate sizzle grate, it will fit flush with the cooktop's center.

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