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Aniva Cosa Transforming Chiminea & Grill

Aniva's Cosa lifts, flips, and slides between cooking your raw meat (BBQ), serving your succulent meat (side table), and heating your body meat (fire pit, or chiminea) while you eat it. The transforming grill impressed...

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Gourmet Cedar Cooking Wraps

$10.13 from Amazon »

Flavor! Moisture! Presentation! I hadn't seen cedar cooking wraps like these before, but a Google, or even an Amazon search turns up a ton of choices and images for the nifty food scrolls. This pack includes ten, 6" x...

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Grill Tumbler

$49.99 from Amazon »

Tumble your raw meat and veggies into BBQ gold! Or at least make sure they're fully marinated and evenly cooked with the help of Brookstone's Grill Tumbler. Step 1: Chop your grub and dump it into the enclosed octagon....

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The Blaze Fire Tower

$499 from Blaze »

Blaze looks to combine the best parts of a fire pit with the best parts of a grill in their Blaze Fire Tower. And me, I'm lookin' to come out the other side of Christmas in a Blaze of glory....

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FireDisc Carbon Steel Grill

$313.18 - $374.66 from Amazon »

"We challenge each customer to put this grill to the test as the most rugged, best designed, quality tasting and cooking grill you can buy." Well. No one can say there's a lack of confidence in Katy, TX, home of the FireDisc...

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Smokemiester BBQ Smoker Grill Converter

$119.95 from Amazon »

Holy smokes...miester! A Weber, a hole saw, and a coupla Bud Light Limes on a Saturday afternoon, and my Bru-BQ Wayne kettle grill becomes a Bat-Smoker too! The Smokemiester BBQ Smoker converts any covered grill into...

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Table Top Charcoal Grill

$59.98 from Amazon »

Anyone out there expecting a Labor Day BBQ that's not going to be rained out or celebrated under a thick, grisly, old-musty-bedspread-from-the-Motel-6 cover of clouds? Well then. Pin a rose on your nose, and set a Char-Griller...

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Nordic Ware Indoor/Outdoor Kettle Smoker

$50.24 from Amazon »

Want to smoke out? Or smoke in? With their 365 Indoor / Outdoor Kettle Smoker, Nordic Ware says you can invite some friends over and smoke up however you want....

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Lodge Seasoned Steel Grill Pan

$40.99 from Amazon »

The one thing that sucks about meat and veggie kebabs is...kebabbing the meat and veggies. They're a B to thread, a B to keep on the skewers, a B to flip, and then a B to get back off after the heat congeals the chicken...

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Rib-O-Lator BBQ Rotisserie

$99.85 from Amazon »

Hopefully the Rib-O-Lator is as winning in execution as it is in name. The rotisserie basket fits inside your existing grill where it ferris wheels (i.e., rib-o-lates) your whole chickens, roasts, baby back pork candy...

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Grillo BBQ

Design firm formAxiom has a nice looking little BBQ concept here. The Grillo is caveman's fire in the middle meets medieval knight's chainmail on the bottom meets Fibonacci's sequence on top. And it all folds up nice...

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3-in-1 Pitmaster Grill Tool

$26.96 from Amazon »

Myron Mixon is a 4-time BBQ World Champion. His job is to work the BBQ circuit. And judge BBQ competitions. And write books about BBQ. And make tools to make BBQing easier for us mere grilling mortals. Hats off to Myron...

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Blackstone Griddle Cooking Station

$263.20 from Amazon »

A few days ago I showed you the super sweet Meat Shredding Claws as a super cheap option for a Father's Day gift. Today I pass along the super sweet Blackstone Griddle as a super not-cheap option for a Father's Day gift....

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Coleman PerfectFlow InstaStart Grill Stove

$88.02 from Amazon »

Another grill from Coleman. Another grill for camping. Another grill for making life easier with bells (pressure regulator) and whistles (matchless InstaStart ignition.)...

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The Original Po' Man Charcoal Grill

$114.99 from Amazon »

"It looks like a trash can and tastes better than an Egg, so it will be the conversation piece of your next BBQ." So say the creators of the Po' Man, a grill that sets up with a set down on the ground, operates on plain...

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All Natural Wood Grill Scraper

$29.95 from Amazon »

And bonus points to Leprekald Grilling's wood scraper for also being the perfect size and shape for whacking the ass of anyone who comes near the master while he's at the grill....

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Grill Kindle Superbright BBQ Light

$54.99 from Amazon »

Despite the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band's endorsement of it, I wouldn't recommend fishin' in the dark. And grillin' in the dark? Even worse. I want BBQ beef brisket, not BBQ man hands. With 10 super-high-powered LEDs, the...

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Big Burger Press with Built-in Dimpler

$34.99 from Amazon »

Cave Tools believes their burger press to be a champion of Larger, Thicker & Juicier. The silicone mold has 6 slots for creating respectable 1/3-pound patties, plus a built-in burger dimpler to dig a divot in each that...

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Slotdog Hot Dog Scorer

$17.88 from Amazon »

The Slotdog is Straight. Outta. Compton. Canada. At first glance, this hot dog scorer might seem as unnecessary as the infamous Banana Slicer, and only slightly less ridiculous than the Rollie Egg Dog Maker. It might...

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Texsport Rotisserie Grill & Spit

$52.04 from Amazon »

I know the original is festive and all, but I would much rather sing a song about rotisserie chickens, sausages, and hamburger patties roasting over an open fire than chestnuts. Especially at the beginning of March, when...

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Livart Electric BBQ Grill

$52.63 from Amazon »

Don't judge this electric grill's capabilities by the video, which is pretty much just a montage of the most grisly, gag-inducing foods one could put to heat. Judge it by its tight checkerboard of rack squares, perfect...

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Char-Broil Infrared Smoker, Roaster & Grill

Sold Out from Amazon »

In New Orleans the holy trinity of cooking might be onion, bell pepper, and celery, but in Char-Broil's Big Easy the holy trinity of cooking is roasting, grilling, and smoking. Do them all with just one grill, and do...

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Masterbuilt Electric Digital Smoker

$284.99 from Amazon »

Know what I'm thinking about right now? 730 square inches of smoked meat. Here's why: in the United States October 12 is Columbus Day. A good day for the 4 or 5 people who actually get off work for it, a BS non-holiday...

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Disc-It Custom Grills

$275 - $459 from Disc-It »

Grilling is about to get personal...ized. The Disc-It is a steel grill with a wok-like top and hundreds of options for artistic customization. Buyers can choose from Disc-It's archive of designs or create their own to...

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Char-Broil Infrared Grill2Go

$117 from Amazon »

Not only is it small, portable, and durable enough to withstand day drunks at the tailgate, but Char-Broil's Grill2Go uses a TRU-Infrared cooking system to sear and heat your meat. That means even the coldest, rainiest...

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Homping Portable Charcoal Grill

$199 from Amazon »

Homping meets hot coals and juicy steak. Mmmm, sounds kinky and delicious. If you dare...

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Propane Tank Gauge

$24.99 from Amazon »

This hook-and-lift propane tank gauge claims it can make sure I never run out of gas at the grill again. What a crock. Unless it's some sort of on-call gas delivery drone or, like, a propane micro factory I'm pretty sure...

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BBQ Grill Mat

$12.99 from Amazon »

I just saw this Grill Mat on an infomercial at 3:00 this morning. I watched the whole thing too because it was either that or The Golden Girls. What it does is stop smaller foods like vegetables, shrimps, and kabobs from...

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Beast Armor Grilling Gloves

$24.97 from Amazon »

Iron Man hands become Aramid Fabric hands for grilling season. Beast Armor gloves have recruited this tough, heat-resistant synthetic fabric typically used in aerospace and military applications for your own personal...

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La Caja China #2 Roasting Box

$449.99 from Amazon »

La Caja China isn't new, but seeing it again as we enter grilling season reminds me how nice it would be if my mama got one for our back yard--and kept it stocked--so I could roll out of bed each morning and tear off...

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Machete Spatula

$14.39 from Amazon »

Since I usually hack up eggs, salmon, chicken, and steaks when I try to flip or test their doneness anyway, a Machete Spatula would probably be an appropriate addition to my cooking arsenal. Plus, if any utensil could...

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GoBQ Roll-up Grill

$135 from GoBQ Grills »

Some punk kids do grow up to make something of themselves. For example, punk college kid Eric Goeken grew up to be a 30-something broke hipster punk (I swear, his words, not mine). A 30-something broke hipster punk with...

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GasWatch Digital Propane Gauge

$19.95 - $24.95 from GasWatch »

The Gaswatch is a digital scale that sits beneath your grill's propane tank and gives an accurate measurement of how many more burgers and beef briskets you can turn out before it's time for a refill. The device provides...

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Bradley Jim Beam Digital Smoker

$375.87 from Amazon »

I'm not sure what Jim Beam contributed to Bradley's 4-rack digital outdoor smoker besides his name and logo. Maybe he sprinkled each one with magical bourbon dust as it rolled off the assembly line. Whatever the draw...

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Hot Pot BBQ

Just as efficient and clever, and even more agreeable to look at than this balcony BBQ is this balcony BBQ, the Hot Pot grill from black+blum. A sizzler and herb garden rolled into one, the terra cotta pot's planted top...

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SteakChamp Perfect Steak Thermometers

$49.95 - $59.95 from Amazon »

If you believe any steak not cooked precisely the way you want it is a steak wasted, this series of thermometers from Sur La Table could save you many waves of disappointment. Unabashed in their high opinions of themselves...

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Recycled Hockey Stick BBQ Tools

$40 - $60 from Hat Trick BBQ »

America may not be rife with hockey fanatics like our Canadian compadres, but Hat Trick BBQ still has pretty much all of English-speaking North America covered with their recycled hockey stick grilling utensil sets. Because...

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JAG Communal Grill Table

$2,499 - $2,999 from JAG Grill »

I don't really want a JAG Grill for myself. I mean, it's a lot of money and seems like a lot of work to put together and maintain, and then you have to, like, clean it.... But I am very much in favor of someone I know...

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Traeger Junior Wood Pellet Grill

Sold Out from Amazon »

Wood pellets look like the food I used to feed my guinea pig. I loved that guinea pig. And if irregularly-sized tubular shards of organic material was good enough for him, it's good enough for me. There are a few grills...

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Pit Barrel Cooker

$299 from Amazon »

The Pit Barrel Cooker is like a smoker mashed with a Crock Pot mashed with a 55-gallon barrel of lube. Minus the lube. The self-described "vertical cooking experience" says it will heat and flavor perfect hunks of meat...

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Smokestack Outdoor Fire Pit

$1,750 from A+R Store »

Funny, the guy shown using the Smokestack outdoor fire pit is exactly the type of guy I'd imagine to be entirely incapable of using a Smokestack outdoor fire pit. Half-kneeling in a suit with a baby axe? I guess that...

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Spare Tire BBQ Grill

$125 from Front Runner »

The Front Runner Spare Tire BBQ Grill: For roadkill feasts wherever you may roam....

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Lightsaber BBQ Tongs

$33.50 from The Fowndry »

The battle is in full-swing. It's Humans vs. Winter. The prize: Grilling Season. What weapon will you use to fight your way past the blustery cold and through the trenches piled with snow? I choose lightsaber. Because...

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Handle-Mount Grill Light

$39.99 from Amazon »

Seeing this handle-mount grill light reminds how much it blows when I leave the bar plastered at 2:30 a.m. and can't get a brat with sauerkraut and cream cheese from the hot dog vendor because he's out or has refused...

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S'Mores Roasting Rack

$14.60 from Amazon »

Well let's just take the modicum of elbow grease required to enjoy an ass fattener alongside a campfire out of the s'mores creation equation entirely. Now I don't even have to engage my upper body muscles supporting and...

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Herb Wand Basting Brush

$13 from Amazon »

A magic wand is pretty much the all-time lamest "superpower", so it's nice to see one get upcycled into something reasonably cool and handy. Chef'n's Herb Wand accepts magical ammo of woody herbs, such as rosemary and...

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Bob-A-Que 360 Swivel Outdoor Grill

$39.99 from Amazon »

I enjoy cooking over an open flame, but hovering over an open flame with my delicate body and luscious, flowing locks? Not so much. Bob-A-Cue is a portable campfire grill whose name would be much cooler if it's surface...

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LotusGrill - Smokeless Charcoal Grill

$200 from LotusGrill »

The LotusGrill, a compact, smokeless charcoal BBQ, is a perfect example of the type of gadget that makes me go, "How'd they do that?!" but really I'm not interested in an explanation if it requires more than 20 seconds...