FireWater Water Bottle & Lantern

Posted: September 07, 2017
FireWater Water Bottle & Lantern
$16.55 - $21.02
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The FireWater Multi-Bottle from Seattle Sports combines a water bottle, a lantern, and a waterproof storage container into one collapsible and rechargeable piece of gear. Handy.

Unless, of course, you need to drink, light the way, and keep your stuff dry all at the same time. The FireWater is a bottle of many skills, but multi-tasking isn't one of them. Probably for the best. I heard trying to too many things at once leads to Alzheimer's.

The FireWater's lid contains its light source, rechargeable by either solar or USB power. Screwed onto the bottle, it diffuses light on low, high, or flashing settings, and in your choice of white-, green-, or blue-hued. The bottle has a 700mL capacity for your favorite thirst quencher and, when dried out, can protect smaller items, such as cash, medications, and first aid supplies, from water and moisture.

Muchas danke to Manny for the Dude Product Tip.

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