SWAYY All-In-One Insulated Hammocks

Posted: April 22, 2018
SWAYY All-In-One Insulated Hammocks
$280 - $500
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When you're camping, or otherwise chillin' in a hammock, do you suffer from CBS? The discomfort, the sleepless nights, the ruining of your good hammock-swaying time? SWAYY feels you. They had CBS once too. It was the misery of the condition that led them to create the Premus and Eira all-in-one hammock camping systems.

What's CBS, you ask?

Cold Butt Syndrome.

Sure, you can add a sleeping bag to a standard hammock to stay warm...ish, but SWAYY points out that regardless of your position, the design of most hammocks compresses whatever insulation you add to them such that whatever part of your body is in the hammock dip, closest to the ground, is going to get a chill. It's usually your butt.

The Premus and Eira hammocks are made with "Loft" technology, with the hammocks' built-in insulation positioned beneath your butt. So you're not squishing it. The immediate effect is a quilted-, cozy-looking hammock. Functionally, SWAYY says this placement of the Loft design allows air to be trapped and warmed between the Loft fibers without the compression the pushes it back out.

SWAYY hammocks consist of 3 layers: one to hold up to 400 pounds of weight; the second to provide the Loft insulation; and a third to serve as a wind-breaking shell. The Premus hammock uses synthetic insulation for its Loft, two layers of Primaloft Silver 3.0. It also has a full-length zipper you can use to cocoon yourself inside on particularly nippy nights.

The heftier Eira hammock has 20 tubular baffles, each stuffed with 1.25 ounces of 800FP DownTek storm treated goose down. It also has the zipper.

SWAYY Hammocks will come in 10' or 11' lengths, and optionally include a quick deploy rain fly. Click here to read more about the hammock features and specs, and pledge to be a part of the SWAYY Kickstarter campaign through May 9, 2018.

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