Spectator Cooler Chair

Posted: May 15, 2014
Spectator Cooler Chair
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There's nothing I want more after traipsing through the whirling dust and scorching sun of a summer festival than a seat, a cold beer, and maybe one of my mama's chicken salad sandwiches. So I'm glad to see there's a Spectator Cooler Chair for that. And you know, it would also be nice to have these same options to take a load off and rejuvenate on days when I make my tiresome 3-block trek to the bus stop only to discover I've missed the 8:25, have 37 minutes until the next bus, and 2 old ladies and some special needs dude are hogging the only bench so I can't even sit down to wait. So I'm glad to see there's a Spectator Cooler Chair for that too.

The Spectator Cooler Chair has a metal frame and padded seat that accommodate tired backsides weighing up to 200 pounds. Its underlying cooler compartment holds 13" long x 9" high x 9" wide worth of refreshing foods and beverages. For those who speak only in beer, that's a 24-can capacity. The chair includes an adjustable, detachable shoulder strap for transport, and also collapses when empty for flat storage. Available in Black, Royal Blue, and Camo, the latter so no one will see you sneaking that bottle of vodka into the fairgrounds.

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