Space Tent

Posted: March 24, 2013
Space Tent

Whoa, a trippy space tent. I'm not sure I need to be any more tripped out while camping, what with the potent ganja and even more potent Blair Witch memories and all, but I'm happy to look at pictures of Field Candy's latest, stellar release. A limited edition of 195 pieces, the Spacious model incorporates purple-hued galaxies and gaseous green particulates into this romantic representation of the ether. It's funny how some people think of outer space as a mystical frontier rife with possibilities we humans should be eager to explore. When I envision outer space, I think of the scene from Total Recall--the real TR, Colin Farrell--where Arnold and that Melina chick get stuck in the open non-air of Mars before the alien reactor begins pumping oxygen and their faces start decompressing and ripping off. That's my impression of outer space.

Field Candy makes big tents. Spacious being no exception, outer dimensions measure 11'8" long x 5'7" wide x 4'7" high, and inner dimensions 8'8" long x 4'11" wide x 4'3" high. Not bad for a great outdoors house that weighs under 14 pounds.

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